Allies In Transition

How To Prepare For A Peaceful Death: Allies In Transition
About Margie Fincham

Margie FinchamMargie Fincham is a Registered Nurse with a graduate specialty in Gerontology Nursing. For many years, Margie served as a Home Health Nurse, working with families at various stages of the death and dying process. She undertook an in-depth course of study regarding care of the dying, discovered hospice principles, and began using them in her work - long before Hospice came to the United States. These valuable principles inevitably brought an increased sense of peace to her terminally ill patients and their families. (Naturally, when Hospice became an insurance benefit in the United States, Margie was delighted to facilitate Hospice licensure for two home health agencies.)

Experienced in guiding patient's families through the process of death and dying, Margie is also intimately familiar with these processes on a personal level as well. In 1990, when her spouse was diagnosed with end-stage cancer of the pancreas and liver, Margie guided her family of four children through the transition. One year later, she served as an Ally for her father by taking care of him for the last 24 hours of his life.

Currently, Margie works as a Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist in Northern California. She is also a designated Bereavement Counselor for Resolve Through Sharing, an organization assisting in the grieving process of parents who have lost a child. She's the proud mother of four supportive children and beloved grandmother to ten grandchildren -- all of whom were born after her spouse's death, and serve as joyous reminders to Margie that love is what matters most in life.