Allies In Transition

How To Prepare For A Peaceful Death: Allies In Transition

"I finally got to see your DVD, and it is excellent! I think that it would be excellent for the class that I teach at the local medical school for first-year students, The Doctor-Patient Relationship."
- P. Goscienski, MD - Retired Pediatrician, Professor UCSD

"The video covers all the areas that need to be addressed if you are dealing with an end of life situation. The information presented provides options to be considered without suggesting specific directions."
- L. Fergurson, Caregiver.

"Allies In Transition is visually engaging, enjoyable to watch. The subject matter is well presented."
- T. Ortega, Media Producer.

"This information is timely and needed."
- J. Dunkel, LCSW, Retired Professor Univ. CA, Berkeley.

"An educational tool for everyone to see, teaching that death is a natural transition from this life. The video helps us understand the process and how we can help our family members or friends facing death. Learn how to prepare for our own death. I found it very helpful myself when I went through a bone marrow transplant."
- G. Hansen Patient/Caregiver